First Wax? What You Need To Know...

First of all, it's amazing that you are thinking of starting waxing! Trust me, once you start, you will love it. Get ready for smooth skin and no more shaving!!! Like most, I am sure you are nervous about your first time and knowing what to expect. Here are some tips and tricks to help your wax be less painful and easier for you and your wax specialist.


1. Hair Length

Make sure that your hair is at least a 1/4 - 1/2" (Length of a grain of rice) This will ensure your wax specialist can remove all the hair and that you can have a perfect wax without any hair left behind.

2. Exfoliate

This isn't mandatory, but if you are prone to ingrown hair or having hair get trapped under your skin, this will definitly help your wax specialist remove as much hair as possible.

3. Beforehand...

Make sure that you haven't been exposed to sun through tanning beds, have a sunburn, or recently had any extreme exfoliation (chemical peels, retinols, accutane, etc). You will not be able to be waxed in that area or may need to wait to be off of your prescription.

Helpful Tips

*If going on a trip, get waxed then get a spray tan 24-48 hours after, the wax will remove your tan.

**For your first time, take ibuprofin or advil about 30 min. before your appointment. This will relieve any added discomfort.

4. What to expect when you arrive....

I will have your fill out a consultation form and answer any questions you have. Then, I will prep the skin with a specialty cleanser that will soften the hair, helping the hair remove easier. Following this, I will apply an oil that will help the wax grab onto the hair, and not the skin. I use a gentle, low temp hard wax that will be applied warm to the skin. The plus side of hard wax is you won't leave sticky, it's less painful than soft wax, and allows for a better overall wax experience in my opinion. I will put a calming serum to end the appointment (and sunscreen if your skin is exposed to the sun in the area we waxed). I do always recommend aftercare options that will prevent ingrown hairs and prepare your skin for your next wax.

5. After....

Do not workout, go swimming, tanning, or anything that could cause irritation to your skin. Do enjoy your wax to the fullest and plan accordingly a few days before you leave for your vacation!

6. What to Remember

Waxing is an amazing, quick service and is something that you should do every 3-4 weeks to keep the hair from growing back and to diminish any discomfort. Your first time is the worst it will ever be since your hair is the thickest, but by your second time you will be a pro and wondering why you have waited so long!

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How to Save Your Skin this Dry Winter

Such a great question that I get often during facials. There are simple steps to relieve that tight, dry, dull feeling this winter.

1. Use Good Skincare

I know many of your believe your cetaphil cleanser is awesome, but what you put on your skin each day matters. Everything we put on our skin goes to our blood stream and down to the bottom layer of our skin. Meaning, shouldn't we know what's in our products? And are they really benefiting your skin? Drugstore brands only have so much they can do. A small amount of ingredients that really don’t do much and contain some harmful ingredients long-term. So what should you do? Make sure to have a moisturizing and exfoliating cleaners this season. Yes, 2 cleansers! One will moisturize while the other will remove dead skin build up revealing new, youthful skin. Secondly, pure hyaluronic acid is your new best friend. Use it every day and see a transformation in your skin. And lastly, moisturize! Yes even those who have oily skin need a moisturizer. These three steps, I guarantee you will see a difference!

2. Drink a lot of water

I know doctors tell you do this but they aren't crazy, I promise! Water will bring life back to your skin as it

nourishes you from the inside out. You will begin to see plumper skin and hydration almost instantly when

you up your water intake.

3. Eat Healthy

Yes, so hard this time of year! I'm not saying don’t eat that pie, but I am saying make sure to have the proper fruits, veggies, and proteins to balance you. Antioxidants in fruit (especially berries) are amazing for your skin and will naturally anti-age. Things like betacarotine found in carrots and sweet potato provide a lot of antioxidants and greens like kale, darker lettuce, and spinach will improve skin tone and texture.

4. Facials

Finally, the fun stuff, FACIALS! See a skin specialist to find the proper skincare and get a deeper cleanse and exfoliation to have instant glowing skin. If you can find hydrating facials or oxygen treatments, these

will build the skin up and provide anti-aging benefits, hydration, and a natural healthy glow. Ideally you

should be seeing your Esthetician every month to keep up the health of your skin and prevent aging or breakouts.

If you have any questions on the health of your skin and you live in the Denver area, book a free consultation with me and we can together achieve the skin you have always wanted.

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